Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zelda Papercraft - Wind Waker Water Girl Statue

Water Girl Statue Papercraft Maybe because it's been a really long time since I've played The Wind WakerThe Wind Waker, but I don't remember seeing this statue, can anybody refresh my memory? I do remember a character called Sue-Belle that carried a pot/jar on her head ^^

This Wind Waker papercraft was designed by Icthus7, it is mentioned on his site that the original in-game model was gray (coz it was a stone statue) but he colorized the papercraft to pretty it up.

Legend of Zelda - Water Girl Statue Papercraft

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REVORAMA Mugann Papercraft x Arc-Gurren Lagann

Arc-Gurren Lagann Papercraft vs Mugann 01
A new amazing REVORAMA (Revoltech x Diorama) depicting the showdown between Arc-Gurren Lagann and the Mugann from Episode 22 of the Gurren LagannGurren Lagann mecha anime series.

Arc-Gurren Lagann Papercraft vs Mugann 02

The release of this new diorama also coincides with the release of REVOLTECH's Arc-Gurren Lagann figure (07.01.09). Besides the space background, you can actually build a 3D model of the Mugann mecha - there's like 3 or 4 different types that appearead in the anime series but I can't remember their names.

To download the goods, follow the link below and look for the third button (see pic above)

REVORAMA Mugann Papercraft x Arc-Gurren Lagann

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Sanrio Papercraft - Pochacco

Sanrio Pochacco Papercraft
The sporty and friendly Pochacco is the latest SanrioSanrio papercraft to land on our doorsteps, exclusively made for you by the super awesome PaperPokes Team.

According to Sanrio, the mouthless Pochacco is also known as "The Yorimichi Dog", "The Amazing Super Pup" and "Street Dog Extraordiaire". Here's the official info. from the Sanrio site:
Pochacco is the most popular purebred in the neighborhood. This sports-minded pup is the best three-on-three basketball player on the playground and a not-so-shabby soccer goalie, too. He’s a real original—how many vegetarian canines do you know? Pochacco loves carrots but banana ice cream is his all-time favorite!

Sanrio - Pochacco Papercraft [Letter]
Sanrio - Pochacco Papercraft [A4]

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Forza 3 Audi R8 Papercraft

Audi R8 Papercraft Taras Lesko brings us another superb one-off with his 1/6th scale Audi R8 papercraft, based on the Forza Motorsport 3Forza Motorsport 3 video game developed by Turn 10 Studios for the Xbox 360.

Forza 3 Audi R8 Papercraft
Turn 10 Studios Blog [more pics]

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4th of July TNT Papercraft

TNT Papercraft A TNT papercraft from flickr user, Paper Boy - a little something to scare the neighbors this 4th4th (make sure they see the back side where it says "TNT")

TNT Papercraft

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Human Torch Mask Papercraft

Human Torch Mask Papercraft The expression on the Human Torch's face is exactly what I've been feeling with the Texas summer heat for the past few weeks now ^^

The Human Torch is a Marvel Comics superhero and a member of the Fantastic FourFantastic Four. Marvel mask papercraft designed by Tektonten.

Human Torch Mask Papercraft

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How Hagrid's Hut Came To Be

Here's an insight into the Hagrid Hut papercraft from our friend Carlo Mascellani, not really an in-depth tutorial but a simple guide to the software he used.

How Hagrid's Hut Came To Be

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Paper Sticky 3 - Expo Stickers 2009

Paper Sticky Papercraft 20 new artists from around the glove put their mark on the latest Paper Sticky papercraft from Dolly Oblong.

Paper Toy Sticky 3

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Princeton Retro Papercraft Speakers x Music Players

Princeton (Japanese electronicselectronics specialty store) has a set of three papercrafts for their Paper Speaker kits.

The Paper Speakers kits actually come with a carton board template, 1W USB powered speaker, and some glue. You assemble the template just like you would with a papercraft. The kits are for sale, but if you just want the papercraft versions, they've got that too.

Three papercrafts are available - a radio casette player, component stereo system, and a cabinet record player.

Follow the link below and head to the bottom of their page, the goods are there. If you're easily confused ^^ - look at the pic above to see which ones to click.

Princeton Retro Papercraft Speakers x Music Players

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Skelanimals Papercraft - Foxy the Fox

Skelanimals Foxy the Fox Papercraft
Kit the Cat is not going to be lonely anymore ^^, she's now joined by her SkelanimalsSkelanimals pal Foxy the Fox.

A little something about Foxy:
Foxy’s favorite scary movie is “Ghost Hounds.” She likes being chased. Foxy and Dax play together a lot, only because she pesters him until he chases her to some place he’s never been and then she’ll watch him from a distance as he finds his way home. She’s a good friend and will try her best to get you out of trouble even though she’s the one that got you in trouble in the first place.

As always, this wonderful papercraft was made possible by our ├╝ber friends - the PaperPokes - don't forget to visit ^^

Skelanimals - Foxy the Fox Papercraft [Letter]
Skelanimals - Foxy the Fox Papercraft [A4]

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Paper Totem - Monkeybutts

Monkeybutt Paper Totem Josh McKible's Monkeybutts is front and center in today's Paper Totems ^^

Paper Totem - Monkeybutts

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Faculdade Pitagoras Papercraft Toys

Papercraft Toys It's universityuniversity x papercraft toys, Brazil's Faculdade Pitagoras offers 52 papercraft toys depicting the various professions / academic degrees that they offer.

The papercraft toys include models for doctors, engineers, teachers, and much more. There are 26 professions in the collection, each papercraft toy having a male and female version. The site is in Portuguese, but I'm sure you can quickly follow the visuals on which and what to click.

Faculdade Pitagoras Papercraft Toys

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WoW Papercraft - Argent Lance

Argent Lance Papercraft Argent Lance papercraft that comes with 3 skins (Argent, Allian, and Horde) and measures almost a foot long.

World of Warcraft - Argent Lance Papercraft

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Ghostbusters Papercraft - Peter Venkman x Egon Spengler

Ghostbusters Papercraft Fun time on Cubee land today, we've got two of the three doctors of parasychology on the GhostbustersGhostbusters team ^^ Peter Venkman was played by actor Bill Murray and Harold Ramis portrayed Egon Spengler.

Ghostbusters - Peter Venkman Papercraft
Ghostbusters - Egon Spengler Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Bombchu

Bombchu Papercraft And here's part of the 4th of July twofer special from Paperzelda, the explosive BombchuBombchu papercraft and a bomb to follow.

Legend of Zelda - Bombchu Papercraft

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Steel Jeeg Mecha Papercraft

It's been a very long time since we saw a new model from them, but our friends at Paper Invaders have a Steel JeegSteel Jeeg mecha papercraft (aka Kotetsu Jeeg) based on the Japanese anime and manga series of the same name.

Steel Jeeg Mecha Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Wartortle

Pokemon Wartortle Papercraft Wartortle s a water-type Pokemon that is the evolved form of Squirtle. This evolved form of Squirtle is bigger, darker (in color), and more mean looking - with fangs, feathery ears, and a fluffy white tail ^^

Pokemon - Wartortle Papercraft

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Mr. Bean Papercraft - Teddy

Teddy is Mr. Bean'sMr. Bean teddy bear and his inanimate best friend ^^

Mr. Bean - Teddy Papercraft

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spindrift Papercraft

Spindrift Papercraft From the Land of the GiantsLand of the Giants tv series, the Spindrift is the commercial spaceship that accidentally went into a wormhole and ended up in an alternate world where the inhabitants are 12x their size. Spindrift papercraft designed by Gary Pilsworth.

Land of the Giants - Spindrift Papercraft

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DHSAB - Penny Papercraft

Penny Papercraft Penny papercraft from Spitefuls is now up, character from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog - Penny Papercraft

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Multishow Papercraft Toys

Some new paper toys presented by Multishow, a Brazilian TV channel that specializes in music shows - owned by TV Globo.

Every year Multishow gives out awards for best singers and bands, and this year they made paper toys of the nominees (see pic below) Thanks to our friend Augusto for the tip.

Multishow Papercraft Toys

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ShipOhLata Paper Toy

Hole-filled alien paper toy oozing with rainbow colored paint, Calling All Cars custom by Guillain Le Vilain.

Ship-Oh-Lata Paper Toy

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Dofus Papercrafts

Dofus Papercraft Based on the characters from a popular tactical MMORPGMMORPG by the Ankama Group, here are some Dofus papercrafts by Ludo Over.

I've not played or seen the game before, so forgive me if I get some of the names wrong ^^ Download links come after each pic, look for "ICI".

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Animal Papercraft - Indian Rhinoceros

Indian Rhinoceros Papercraft The one-horned Indian rhinoceros (rhino), primarily found on the northern regions of India and in Nepal.

The noticeable feature of the Indian rhino is its segmented hide, similar to what you'll see with armored plating. Its protection status is classified as endangered.

Indian Rhinoceros Papercraft [Konica Minolta]

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Gothic French Maid Papercraft

Gothic French Maid Papercraft Why so ronery? Moekami's take on the gothic maid subculture in Japan, it's French Maid x goth + girl next door ^^

Gothic French Maid Papercraft

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Tomb Raider Papercraft - Lara Croft Crucifix Pose

Lara Croft Papercraft Saschacraft extracted an interesting 3D model from the Tomb RaiderTomb Raider game, this particular one is when Lara Croft gets hit by or drops on floor spikes (i think?)

Tomb Raider - Dead Lara Croft Papercraft

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