Friday, July 31, 2009

Candy Bot 10000 Paper Toy

The sweet and clunky Candy Bot 10000 will help you hide your candycandy stash from MOM ^^

Candy Bot 10000 Paper Toy

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Headnoddaz Twins Paper Toy

Speaker Head Paper Toys A couple of speakerspeaker heads from Jonny Chiba.

Headnoddaz Twins Paper Toy

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Zelda Papercraft - Link's Hat 2

Link's Hat Papercraft Paperzelda's version of the life-size Link's hat papercraftpapercraft.

Legend of Zelda - Link's Hat Papercraft 2

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8bit Subway Scene Diorama Papercraft

8bit Subway Scene Diorama Papercraft What citycity is this?

8bit Subway Scene Diorama Papercraft

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ZMK Transport & Combine Harvester Papercrafts

ZMK Transport & Combine Harvester Papercrafts 1:100 papercraft scale models of transport vehicles (trucks, buses) and combine harvesters (mammoth farm machine for harvesting grains ^^)

ZMK Transport & Combine Harvester Papercrafts

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Speakerdog Paper Toys - Series 6

Speakerdog Paper Toys Series 6 And speaking of Speakerdog ^^, Ben the Illustrator's popular paper toypaper toy series is back, with a bigger and more colorful collection than last time. 66 new designs from artists and illustrators from around the globe.

Speakerdog Paper Toys Series 6

Speakerdog Paper Toys - Series 6

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Stripe Out My World Paper Toys - Series 3

Stripe Paper Toys Series 3 This series includes paper toys from Nanibird, Twitch, and SpeakerDog.

Stripe Out My World Paper Toys Series 3

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Captain America - Shield Papercraft

Captain America Shield Papercraft Tektonten recolors one of his papercrafts to recreate Captain America'sCaptain America iconic shield.

And speaking of Cap's shield, did any of you spot its apperance in last year's Iron ManIron Man movie (w/ Robert Downey Jr.)? a sign of good things to come ^^ (cough)Avengers(cough). I got the Blu-ray edition of the film and did a screen grab, you can see the shield sitting on Tony Stark's work bench (in the background/left side of screen).

Captain America's Shield Makes a cameo appearance in Iron Man

Captain America Shield Papercraft

Captain America Papercraft
Iron Man Papercraft
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Touhou Project Papercraft - Alice Margatroid

Alice Margatroid Papercraft AliceAlice Margatroid is the second Touhou papercraft to feature the new "sitting" form from designer GT40.

Alice is a magician that has the ability to manipulate and control puppets / dolls, she's one of the few characters that reside in the Forest of Magic. She was named after Lewis Carroll's famous novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Touhou Project - Alice Margatroid Papercraft

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Disaster Diorama Papercraft - Apollo 13

Apollo 13 Papercraft The "successful failure" of Apollo 13Apollo 13 is the latest Diorama Disaster from Spitefuls.

Apollo 13 was intended to be the third manned lunar-landing mission, a faulty electrical system (w/ explosion) forced it to be aborted. The popular phrase "Houston, we have a problem" originated from the Apollo 13 mission, it was a radio transmission between one of the astronauts to mission control center - the original message was "Houston, we've had a problem".

This Apollo 13 papercraft includes both the Lunar Module and the Command / Service Module.

Disaster Diorama - Apollo 13 Papercraft

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Silent Bob Papercraft

Here's the uncomfortably quiet, Silent Bob (aka Kevin SmithKevin Smith) based on the Clerks: The Animated Series - he rarely talks ^^ his actions are indicative of his intentions.

Silent Bob Papercraft

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Yaruo Papercraft

Yaruo Papercraft Yaruo is a very popular ASCII art character from the 2ch forumforum (in the Newsflash section), his thoughtful expressions are used to "explain things" ^^.


This Yaruo papercraft was designed by our friends at 21th Century Papercraft, who also made the Geisha/Maiko, Analoguma, Blue Hippo, and Fantail goldfish. They've moved to a new home so please don't forget to bookmark.

Yaruo Papercraft

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cubee Dreamcast Paper Toy

Dreamcast Papercraft One of my all time favorites from SEGASEGA, the Dreamcast video game console system gets cubeefied ^^

Cubee Dreamcast Paper Toy

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WACK Paper Toy

Brian Castleforte's Wack paper toy is now available, it's a tie-in to his soon-to-be-released "Wack in the Box" iPhoneiPhone app.

There's also a contest - build the Wack paper toy, take pics, and submit - wackiest looking entry wins! You'll get a chance to win a Skate deck, an Iphone stand, and a signed copy of the Urban Paper book.

Wack Paper Toy

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Coobie Paper Toy - Oscar

Oscar Coobie Paper Toy A quin-eyed monstermonster designed by moopf for Paper Toy'z Coobie series.

Coobie - Oscar Paper Toy

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Gutter Punk Crusty Bank Papercraft

A series of paper toys designed by Paper Foldables for NY-basedNY-based - a site focused on the growing arts community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This paper toy is a punk character that is also a piggy bank, it depicts a "gutter punk" - transient individuals (belonging to the punk subsculture) that are notorious for pandhandling and are infesting the streets of Williasmburg.

We've already missed a couple of the paper toys in this series, so just look for The Hipster Grifter and Hip Kyp Malone on the link below.

Gutter Punk Crusty Bank Papercraft

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Dollpunx Paper Toys "Terror Twins"

Dollpunx Endless Paper Toy A couple of knife-wielding paper toyspaper toys from Harlancore's new "Endless" series.

Dollpunx Paper Toy "Terror Twins"

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Douglas A26 Invader Papercraft (Aircraft)

Douglas A26 Invader Papercraft The A26 is considered to be the United States fastest attack bomberattack bomber during World War II, this papercraft was designed by bartee.

Douglas A26 Invader Papercraft

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Kutar Papercraft - 10th Anniversary

Kutar Papercraft Kutar is the name of a popular Japanese character by GIGA-RENSYA that resembles a cat-bear hybrid and appears in their series of fun PCPC and web mini-games.

Kutar can also refer to the other identical characters (but with different colors and designs) in GIGA-RENSYA's series. From left to right (pic above), the papercrafts include: Navy, Cherry, Kutar, and Smoke.

Kutar Papercraft

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Hell Elephant Papercraft Toy

Hell Elephant Papercraft Guillain le Vilain's elephant paper toypaper toy surrounded by hellfire, the weird artwork / elephant skin reminds me of that creature at the beginning of Mononoke-hime ^^

Hell Elephant Papercraft Toy

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Zelda Papercraft - Sacred Forest Meadow

Sacred Forest Meadow Papercraft Comprised of a maze for its bottom part and an eerie Forest Temple up north, the Sacred Forest Meadow is the most hallowed placeplace in the Lost Woods area in Ocarina of Time.

Legned of Zelda - Sacred Forest Meadow Papercraft

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Shizuha Aki

Shizuha Aki Shizuha Aki is a sub-boss character from Mountain of Faith - 10th Touhou ProjectTouhou Project game, she's considered as a goddess of red leaves and therefore has power to manipulate them.

Papercraft template and direct link provided by GT40, thanks.

Touhou Project - Shizuha Aki Papercraft

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Mythology Papercraft - Gatotkaca. the Flying Knight

Gatotkaca Papercraft Here we've got another hero from Indonesian mythmyth/folklore, Gototkaca - the very powerful flying knight of Pringgodani.

Indonesian Mythology - Gatotkaca Papercraft

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