Monday, August 31, 2009

Yuasa Shoyu - Mittan Papercraft Mascot

Mittan Papercraft The latest cutie pie from Tago (aka cafetera), the orangy ^^ Mittan papercraft, one of the mascots? used by the Yuasa Shoyu Factory - makers of premium Japanese soy saucesoy sauce.

Anime - Mittan Papercraft

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Kokeshi Lolita Papercraft "Miyu"

Kokeshi Lolita Papercraft Super Kawaii Kokeshi Lolita paper toy by, inspired by the traditional Japanese wooden dolls (kokeshi) mixed with Wa Lolita fashion (waloliwaloli) - fashion subculture that blends Victorian and Japanese clothing styles).

Kokeshi Lolita Papercraft

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Owl Papercrafts "Wise Guys"

Owl Papercraft Toys A cute set of 4 owl paper toyspaper toys by UK-based design Studio, Mibo (Lighting and Homewares), 1 GBP for all 4 templates.

Owl Papercrafts "Wise Guys"

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Iron Man Papercraft - Mark 1 Armor (Deformed)

Iron Man Mark 1 Papercraft I've been eyeing this for a few days now ^^, Shunichi Makino's Iron ManIron Man Mark 1 papercraft is now live, part of SF Papercraft Gallery's Deformed series.

Mark 1 is the armored suit created and used by Tony Stark to fight his way out when he got captured by the terrorists.

Iron Man Mark 1 Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Flygon

Flygon Papercraft Flygon is a dual type Ground and Dragon PokemonPokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Vibrava, it's a green insect-like creature that calls the desert its home. Flygon is also known as "The Desert Spirit", often accompanied by a cloud of dust and sand when it moves around.

Pokemon - Flygon Papercraft

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Futbol Jersey Papercraft - Caracas FC

Caracas FC Futbol Jersey Papercraft Caracas FC is the most successful and popular club in Venezuelan football, this jersey papercraft shows their home shirt, manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Pepsi, Maltin, and DirectTV.

Futbol Jersey Papercraft - Caracas FC

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Hakkero

Hakkero Papercraft From the Touhou ProjectTouhou Project series, the Hakkero (aka Eight Trigram Reactor, aka Elemental Reactor) is a magical artifact used by the magician, Marisa Kirisame, to power up her Master Spark.


The Hakkero appears as an octagonal-shaped wood block with eight trigrams carved on its top cover.

Touhou Project - Hakkero Papercraft

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Cubee Sega Sports Dreamcast Papertoy

The limited edition black SegaSega Dreamcast (North American release) sporting the Sega Sports logo beon the lid.

Cubee Sega Sports Dreamcast Papertoy

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

WoW Papercraft - Cruel Barb Sword

Cruel Barb Sword Papercraft The Cruel Barb is a one-handed World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft sword that increases attack power by 12 and drops from the elite human boss, Edwin VanCleef.

World of Warcraft - Cruel Barb Sword Papercraft

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Nearly Equal One Papercraft Busts

Papercraft Busts A group of Japanese artists/students from the Nagoya City University had a fun time playing with a 3D3D scanner, converting the scanned 3D models (of themselves) into papercrafts.

The group calls their project "Nearly Equal One", I don't know if any of you would be interested in building these, but they have released several papercraft models (PDO/Pepakura) on their blog for downloading. This actually reminds me of the work done by our friend Taras Lesko, he's the one that created a papercraft bust of himself and one for a friend.

Nearly Equal One Papercraft Busts

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Paper Gangsta Paper Toys

Paper Gangsta Paper Toys Meet the Paper Gangsta goup, 7 freakish paper toyspaper toys from artist Eric Wiryanata (Thunderpanda).

The group is composed of El Scorcho, Gina Claws, Pink Moe, Robord, Smoking Ace, Horror Time and Grmlllood. Only the first five are available, Horror Time and Grmlllood got left behind in the studio and you'll have to pay their cab fare if you want them ^^

Paper Gangsta Paper Toys

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Control Line Airplane Papercrafts

Miss FAI Airplane Papercraft Papercraft models of popular aircraftsaircraft used in a Control line (aka U-Control) - think of it as kite-flying but instead of kites you control flying model aircrafts.

Voodoo Airplane PapercraftRiley Wooten's Vooodoo Aircraft

Amato Prati's SPEED KING Aircraft

Matt Kania's RINGMASTER Aircraft

George Aldrich's NOBLER Aircraft

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Flying Machine Papercraft - Eole

Eole Papercraft Clément Ader's Eole to be exact, Ader was a French engineer who designed the first steam-powered aircraftaircraft to ever leave the ground (c 1890).

Flying Machine - Eole Papercraft

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Radbit Paper Toy

Radbit Paper Toy A very big smile from Dubliner Jamie Gillett's Radbit (rabbitrabbit) paper toy, which is still in beta but looks good and ready. Thanks to reader monica for sending the link.

Radbit Paper Toy

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Choral Roundlet

Choral Roundlet Papercraft A Final Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy XI armor piece, the Choral Roundlet is part of the Bard's Choral Attire Set which enhances their music skills.

Final Fantasy XI - Choral Roundlet Papercraft

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Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Halloween Papercrafts by Nava Designs

Piranha Vampire Bat Papercraft Four new HalloweenHalloween-themed papercrafts from Robert Nava (aka Trader Sam / Disney Experience), includes paper models of Dracula's Coffin, Zombie Coffin, Deadly Piranha, and a Vampire Bat.

Dracula Zombie Coffin Papercraft

The papercrafts comes printed in a 4x6 paper and is perforated, no cutting or scoring needed, you just punch out the pieces, fold, and glue. Each paper model is $1 and will be available until November 7.

2009 Halloween Papercraft by Nava Designs

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Tomb Raider Papercraft - Lara Croft Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash Papercraft The boulder trap scene found on almost every Tomb Raider game, probably inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana JonesIndiana Jones).

Tomb Raider - Lara Croft Boulder Dash Papercraft

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NaniBird Free Like A Paper Toy

NaniBird custompaper toy by Croatian artist Marko Zubak called "Free Like A Paper Toy".

NaniBird Free Like A Paper Toy

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Destroyer

Destroyer Papercraft The Destroyer (aka Kevin "Keen" Marlow) is one of the earliest superhero creations by comic book legend Stan Lee and is a part of the Marvel ComicsMarvel Comics universe.

Although the Destroyer looks inhuman, it's only because of his costume. Similar to Captain America, the Destroyer gained his superpowers through a supersoldier serum, and used his improved physical condition to fight Nazi Germany. The Destroyer first appeared in Mystic Comics #6 (Oct. 1941).

Retro Superhero - Destroyer Papercraft

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IBM Thinkpad Notebook PC Papercraft

IBM Thinkpad Notebook PC Papercraft A detailed papercraft of an old IBM ThinkpadThinkpad notebook (Japanese Version) that includes separate models for its major parts.

IBM Thinkpad Notebook PC Papercraft

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

GSG-9 der Bundespolizei Papercraft

GSG-9 Papercraft Paper Replika's papercraft soldiers are now sporting the colors for the GSG 9 der Bundespolizei (aka Border Guard Group 9), a special operationsspecial operations group under the German Federal Police that handles domestic and international counter-terrorism and law enforcement.

GSG-9 der Bundespolizei Papercraft

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Final Fantasy XII - Moogle Papercraft

Final Fantasy XII Moogle Papercraft Unlike the other Moogles in the Final Fantasy Final Fantasy series, the Final Fantasy XII Moogle has longer ears, more furry, and has advance knowledge in the field of engineering.

Final Fantasy XII - Moogle Papercraft

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Doctor Who Papercraft - Adipose

Adipose Papercraft From artist Sponzar (Hunky Dorky), an Adipose papercraft based on the Doctor WhoDoctor Who tv series, Adipose are humanoid blobs / creatures made of human fat. Special thanks to Sponzar for the shout-out ^^

Doctor Who - Adipose Papercraft [via Tektonten]

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