Thursday, January 31, 2008

Devil May Cry Papercraft

Sonicscape Jun has just left a message informing us of his latest creations on his new site, let's check it out. Sonicscape calls it the Trooper 3.2 series 1 and currently includes two paper models. This time it's a Devil May Cry papercraft featuring a Nero paper model, just in time for the official release of the game Devil May cry 4 (Jan 31) in Japan and a few days later here in the US (Feb 5). This papercraft even comes with its own Red Queen (sword).

The other interesting paper model on the site is the Black Spidey papercraft. From the feature film Spider-Man 3, Black Spidey came out when that sentient alien, Venom symbiote, attached itself to Spider-Man and bonded with him turning him into a super-villain. When Spider-Man rejected the symbiote it merged with another symbiote (Eddie Brock) turning him into Venom.

Devil May Cry Papercraft
[Fx Console]

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Honda Papercraft Cars - Honda Toy Town

The last one of the Japanese big 3 automakers is here. After going through the impressive lineup of Nissan papercrafts and Toyota's lonely four, we now have the official Honda papercrafts. Honda is the most popular among the three (at least for me) when it comes to car design, but when I took a look at their site I had a dismal view of their papercraft section. The designer of the Honda papercrafts was Mizorogi Akira, yes he's the same person that designed the Mitsubishi papercrafts and what a world of difference, just by lookin at the picture you can clearly tell that he prefers one over the other (just kidding). I guess these Honda paper cars are geared towards children, very young children. I tried to dig through Honda's site but I couldn't find anything else. It's better than nothing right? so here it is, the cute, the cartoony, the funny looking Honda papercraft cars. Enjoy.

Honda Papercraft []

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Valentine's Day Papercraft

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, you can make it really special for that special someone by creating your own Valentine's Day pop-up card or gift box. We're doing Valentine's entries early so you'll have enough time to finish them. Canon has put up a special Valentine's Day papercraft page were they have compiled their most beautiful papercrafts for this special occasion. There are a variety of gift boxes for you to choose from, pretty paper bouquets, greeting cards (both regular and pop-up), and sets of envelopes and their matching stationaries.

Special Valentine's Day Papercraft [Canon]

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Sexy Messhe Papercraft

Is she a space nurse? a space bunny? or both? Here's an update from the moekami site (Japanese), I don't have a clue who she is but the she's good enough to be posted here. It's got a sci-fi space nurse theme to it and the filename indicates the name Messhe, so we'll just call it a Messhe papercraft. Head on to the authors site to download this paper model and some others worth noting.

Messhe Papercraft? [moekami]
Moekami Site [Homepage]

Hellboy Bust Papercraft

Designer BazookaJo has now finished his latest creation, the Hellboy papercraft, and is now available for free download at his site. The Hellboy character was created by Mike Mignola under Dark Horse Comics. A film was made back in 2004 featuring Ron Perlman as Hellboy and a sequel is scheduled for July of this year titled Hellboy II: The Golden Army, can't wait. The pattern and instruction is available at the designer's site and a separate build-guide can be found at Bongo-papercraft. You can also check out this cool new trailer of the movie.

Hellboy Bust [BazookaJo]
Hellboy How-to-Build [Bongo-Papercraft]

Monday, January 28, 2008

MacBook Air Papercraft

I knew it was just a matter of time, after Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) revealed the MacBook Air a couple of weeks ago at Macworld 2008 we now have our first MacBook Air papercraft. The good folks at AP Community just sent us some email to inform us of this sweet creation by designer Roland Saekow and a cool video to go along with it. The MacBook Air papercraft even comes with it's own Manila envelope, now what do you say to that ^_^. If you're looking for other Apple / Mac related paper models check out the related post below for the complete list.

MacBook Air [Ap Community]
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Sankichi Armored Robot Papercraft

There's nothing more we like here than cute robot paper models, here is an update from the Peparoido Project site featuring the Sankichi Armored Robot Papercraft. It's a fantasy site of the designer filled with robotic creations ranging from armored nekobots (catbots) to cute chibibots. The designer named it Sankichi, probably after the 1940's samurai movie. Although there's alot on the picture there's actually just one pattern for it - you have to print it on colored cardstock paper to get that variation, the rest is for the Sankichi robot's gadgets and weapons. Yeah, it looks like a cross between Yoshimitsu and R2-D2.

Sankichi Robot [Peparoido - links are at the bottom of the page]
Peparoido Collection

Mitsubishi Papercraft Cars

We have Mitsubishi Motors' papercraft cars today, they're not in Japan's big 3 auto makers but within the top ten. On their official web site, there are 33 paper cars and some of them out have cut-out paper stand-ins. It doesn't showcase the depth of their car line-up, but instead, the majority of the papercraft focuses more on the variety of their two most popular brands, the Pajero (SUV) and the Lancer Evolution. Designed by Mizorogi Akira. They may not be in the big 3, but they definitely beat Toyota with the paper model count. Check it out!

Mitsubishi Paper Cars []
Mitsubishi Paper Cars [Translated Version]
Mizorogi Akira [Home Page]

Sunday, January 27, 2008

C-3PO Papercraft - Star Wars

A popular character in Star Wars and probably one of the most notable droids of all time, this golden protocol droid was created by a young Anakin Skywalker(Darth Vader later on) and was primarily designed to serve humans. C-3PO is usually seen with that other popular quirky droid R2-D2 (astromech). Threepio handles translation (6 million forms of communication), customs, and etiquette - basic liaisons between humans and the other alien culture their encounter.

This C3PO papercraft model is from Japanese designer/site? uhu02, there are other great sci-fi papercraft models on the site based on other great epic films that you can check out. There's a Time Machine paper model based on H.G. Wells classic film of the same name, a Robby the Robot paper model from Forbidden Planet, a very sexy Maria papercraft from Metropolis, Space Pod paper model from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bladerunner Blaster, and Will Smith's Noisy Cricket from Men In Black 2.

Star Wars C-3PO Paper Model [Download Page]

Toyota Motor Co. Papercraft Cars

Are you having fun with our Nissan papercraft post? this time it's Toyota's turn to show their paper model cars, so let's head on over to their official site and see what we can find. Compared to Nissans' impressive 80+ collection, Toyota, Japan's #1 car maker comes in at a measly 4 paper cars. The four cars are comprised of the following: a 1967 Toyota 1600GT, 1961 Toyota Publica, 1967 Toyota 2000GT, and a 1965 Toyota Sports 800. All of these Toyota sports cars are also touring/race champions. The two other patterns(brown, green) you see on the bottom of the picture are the road and guardrail papercrafts that come with the the cars. I guess they were going for the "quality not quantity" stuff. Although I don't see it that way with these cars, some of you might, and that's what counts.

So what's up Toyota, where are the good cars?

Toyota Papercraft Cars []
Toyota Papercraft Cars [Translated Version]

Friday, January 25, 2008

Indian Peafowl Papercraft - Canon 3D

An update to the Canon 3D papercraft site, this beautiful looking papercraft bird that you're looking at is an Indian peafowl. Description by Canon 3D:

"The Indian peafowl is the national bird of India, and can be found mainly in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other areas of south Asia. The male, known as the peacock, has large, brightly-colored feathers, which he displays to attract females (peahens) during courtship in spring. Peacock feathers are a beautiful iridescent blue, making them popular for use in artwork. Peafowl are also considered very useful birds to keep as they eat poisonous insects and snakes."

Peafowl Papercraft [Canon 3D]

For The Serious Papercraft Collector

List of paper model kits inside. I went through eBay last night and here's what I found, these are some of the legit paper model kits that you can acquire today.

Lineage 2 Female Elf Warrior

Ultraman Series - Red King


Mazinger Z


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Romulan Bird-of-Prey Paper Model - eBay

Due to our recent post on the paper model scams on eBay, my email got bombarded with requests for me to point out the sellers that are doing the scams. I want to clarify that the post was just for awareness and not to start a crusade on outing each and everyone of the scammers. Another request was for me to post legit auction items relating to paper model books and kits. I thought about it and I think it's a good idea although I've got a few notes to make.

  • I'm only going to post items that I'm familiar with or items that I already have in my collection.
  • I can't be 100% sure if a particular auction listing is legit, I can only tell a scam if it's pretty obvious . You would still have to do the detective work like checking out seller feedback or contacting the seller for any questions that you have.
  • I won't be able to search through eBay's listings all the time because of my regular work, so if you see any listing that looks good and you have doubts about it, email it to me and I'll check it out.
So with that in mind, here's our first eBay listing: This one is for the Trekkies, scifi junkies, and papercraft collectors out there, it's a Star Trek paper model featuring the Romulan Bird-of-Prey spacecraft. I have this in my collection, this one usually comes with another kit featuring the Starship Enterprise paper model but I guess this one doesn't have it. It's an old school type design, that means no cutting involved, the book is pre-scored so you'll just have to pop out the pattern and add glue to assemble it. The type of paper used is stiff and glossy, perfect for that display finish look. The book was published in 1997. Good luck and happy bidding!

Star Trek Romulan Bird of Prey [eBay]

Nissan Motors Papercraft Cars

Nissan is one of the top three major Japanese automakers in Japan alongside Toyota and Honda, and like any other big name brand in Japan, they have their very own papercraft section on their web site. Today we'll showcase the official Nissan Motors papercraft cars which includes sedans, coupes, convertibles, sports cars, race/rally cars, vans, mini-vans, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), pickup trucks, hybrids, prototypes and concepts. They've got all the types of cars covered and has an impressive 83 paper models in their collection. These Nissan papercraft cars were designed by Yutaka Mori and each cars' pattern has three options for you to choose from, there's the regular colored pattern in PDF format, the no-color PDF pattern for printing on colored paper, and a GIF file.

I've tested a few, it was really very easy and the results are very nice. I would highly recommend to this to those starting out with papercrafts. There's not much cutting on the inside of the pattern, just mostly on the outlines. Beginners can breeze through 3 to 5 of these models and come out feeling accomplished - ready to move on to more complicated ones and consider themselves a graduate of beginners school. Give it a try!

Nissan Paper Cars - [Nissan Motors Japan]
Nissan Paper Cars - [Translated Jap-Eng]
Yutaka Mori Profile - [Nigensha]

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Papercraft Beware!

This quick post is specifically for people that are new to papercrafts, so read on. Majority (97%) of the paper models you see on this site are free, and all of them are downloadable from the internet, there are a few that are not and I do mention it if you need to buy them. I like things that are free, so it saddens me to see people getting tricked in to paying for stuff that is readily available to them at no cost whatsoever, all they have to do is Google it. We'll just show an example of a scammer trying to cash in on free papercraft patterns from the net

This post came about when I received an email from reader vehbelfets, she requested for me to check out a link to an eBay seller who's selling papercrafts to see if it was a good deal. So I followed the link to check it out and this is what I saw.

I captured a screenshot just in case the seller decides to close the items early. We're not going to mention the sellers name but we'll just refer to them as Company KXM. They described themselves as an international online-based e-trading company (yeah right), and they're selling a lot of papercraft models (that are free for downloading on the net) alongside some legit items?

I browsed through their eBay listings and clicked on item number: 150207003516, well use this for our example. It's 21 Neon Genesis Evangelion papercrafts in ebook format, what's wrong with that? I noticed that majority of the paper models are from the Webdude, which we've featured here on our site many times and as we all know, the Webdude's models are always free - as in, go to his site and download it there for free.

The KXM company also tries to protect themselves by stating that they are "not" the owner of the the goods that are being sold on their eBay page but instead acts only on behalf of the "real" seller, again, yeah right.

There are a lot more others like this on eBay and other popular online auction sites, so beware of their presence. What's the point of all this? I just wanted to advice you to do your homework before parting ways with your greens. But if some of you want to pay for something free, then good luck to that.

And what about vehbelfets? I've told her that the listings are no good and pointed her to the right place.

Chinese Zodiac Papercraft - HP(Hewlett-Packard)

The Chinese New Year papercrafts is a very popular one, we've posted several links to various designers and their creations for the past couple of weeks and it seems that there could be more coming. New content is available from the HP (Hewlett Packard) site, you might remember them as the one that brought us the Shrek papercraft a while back, now they've got their own version of the Chinese Zodiac papercraft. So far there's only 4 paper models available, which includes the dragon, pig, tiger and rat - there's no mention of the other zodiacs so we'll just keep you updated when and if they add them. You might want to also check out related posts such as post1, post2, and post3.

HP Chinese Zodiac Papercraft - [Download Page]

Monday, January 21, 2008

Chinese Zodiac Papercraft Boxes - Kutchuk

Simple papercraft boxes with the Chinese Zodiac theme, very good for beginners and kids. Straight from Paris, France - Marie-Hélène Visconti from just dropped by and informed us that they have these fun papercrafts for celebrating the Chinese New Year. Some other related posts include this one from Ryo and this other one from Injan.

Chinese Zodiac - [via]

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Ultimate Papercraft Collection

The title says it all, this is probably one the best papercraft collection that I've ever seen, erase that, it is the best papercraft collection I've seen so far. The number of extremely rare and limited editions is just astounding. I would be lying if I said that I'm not impressed, because I am very impressed with it. The picture I used for this post is a Chokipeta designed papercraft from a Japanese Xbox game called Metal Wolf Chaos, the reason for that is because it's one of five that I've been hunting down for quite some time now and I still couldn't get my hands on one.

Just by looking at it I can easily tell that a serious amount of money went into acquiring such a vast and huge collection, if you're not based in Japan it'll cost even more. Here's an example to give you an idea of how much money you have to spend to get a limited edition papercraft (I'm talking from a collector's POV ok), well use the Chokipeta Giant Robo Head on the Collections 3 folder for our example.

Let's pretend you live in the United States or somewhere out of Japan and that you can read and write Japanese, realistically there's two ways to get it: purchase it directly or win it in an auction. When you purchase it directly you have to buy the DVD set that it comes with (on sale for $200 + shipping)(Amazon Japan $213 + $30 shipping), if you decide to go for the auction route you can head on to Yahoo Japan Auctions or any other reputable auction site and try to search if they have it (the odds of finding one are very slim). If/once you find it, bid - pray - hope you'll win. However, if you don't speak the language, you can use a third-party auction-bidding site such as Rinkya, ooh!Japan, MoJ, etc. to place the bid for you for a fee (on top of other fees). Yes, doing the auction route will definitely break your piggy bank.

The owner of this collection goes by the handle name Tikitiki_m and proudly displays his/her collection at the link below.

Ultimate Papercraft Collection (UPC) - [Home Page]

Princess Crown Papercraft - Gradiel

Princess Crown is a Japanese Action RPG sidescroller for the Sega Saturn and later on ported to the Sony PSP - I'm guessing the Gradiel papercraft is the protagonist of the game. I've never actually played this so I'll just thank the sender Millitech, thank you, and send you guys on your way to the link. Btw, this free download has a time limit so get it while you can.

Gradiel - [Via Imperishable Night]

Thursday, January 17, 2008

LazyTown Sportacus Airship Papercraft

LazyTown is a children's television program created by gymnastics champion Magnus Scheving that uses live-action replay, puppetry, and CGI animation to tell the story of Stephanie and how she saves the town from the world's laziest super-villain, Robbie Rotten. Along the way she gets help from her friends (Ziggy, Trixie, Pixel, Stingy) and LazyTown's own athletic super-hero, Sportacus - who likes to jump, leap, and flip with his trusted skateboard in order to promote healthy lifestyle choices, instead of the easy unhealthy ones. Today we've got the LazyTown Sportacus Airship papercaft from our good friend Claudio Dias at Paperinside. About a week ago I got word from the designer himself about todays release and by the looks of it, another great paper model to add to his growing collection, great job sir. Free download is available at his site, follow the links below.

LazyTown Airship - [Download Page]

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Scopedog Papercraft - Chokipeta

It's not a big secret here in the site that I'm a big fan of Chokipeta, I've been collecting his papercrafts for quite some time now and when I saw these photos it made me wish I had easy access to Japan. I saw the note on his web site last year (November) about him? showing up at the recent Super Festival 45 (January 6, 2008) in Tokyo - it's a hobby event featuring scale models and toys. But I forgot to post about it, anyways, follow the link below for detailed photos of Chokipeta's three new papercraft models taken by Joseph Tsai of Tokyo Hunter.

Chokipeta - [Note]
Super Festival 45 Coverage - [Tokyo Hunter] [Flickr Page]
Super Festival 45 Home - [Home Page]

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rebellion Papercraft

A great looking mech/robot papercraft, I haven't seen this one posted anywhere so here you go.I found it on a Japanese blog called garage, the owner goes by the username Reb2479, so we'll call him that. His creation is called the "Rebellion" papercraft, from what I can understand on his blog entries and on the prototype pics, he's been building this model for quite some time now and just recently finished. The pattern for this papercraft counts in at 15 individual pages (JPG file), 10 for the pattern itself and 5 for instructions. It's a pretty darn good papercraft for a first try? let's all thank Mr. Reb2479

Rebellion - [Download Page] [Designer's Site]

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cute Japanese Musume Papercraft

Lots of cute Japanese girl papercrafts from this site, not much info on the page except for the folder name (~terrase). There's a Hatsune Miku papercraft (初音ミク), if you don't know her, neither do I. So I Googled it up and it turns out she's a character on a singing synthesizer software called Vocaloid and came out of the first Vocaloid Character Voice Series. Next we've got a Kitsune-musume papercraft, Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox and musume when used in this context means girl or daughter. So by looking at the pics you can already tell who she is (w/ tail). Then the Pumpkin-musume papercraft, followed by the newest one which is called the Plus-san papercraft. I'm clueless with the last one so I'll just let the readers guide me with it. You will need the free Pepakura Viewer to see these files because they're all in .pdo format.

Cute Musumes - [Download Page]
Pepakura Viewer - [Download Page]

Playstation 3 Papercraft

Today Sony fans will definitely have fun with this slick Playstation 3 papercraft from Sonicscape Jun, this post is somewhat related to the Mac post below since we just included his paper iPhone set on it. I believe we posted some of Soniscape's work before, like this other papercraft console, but they've moved out of that home and into a new one, so this would serve as a note to those following his work. Don't worry, it's not all Sony stuff in there, Xbox fans can check out the Halo 3 Legendary Edition papercraft which comes with everything you find on the actual stuff. Have fun!

Playstation 3 Papercraft - [Sonicscape]

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Apple / Mac Papercraft for the Faithful

I've searched the web for good Apple / Mac papercrafts and have come up with two very useful links so those looking for it or those wanting to pay homage to their favorite Mac product can easily find it, and just in time for Macworld. (2 New Updates Added)

It's that time of the year again for the Apple faithful/ Mac geeks to travel to San Francisco for the Macworld Conference & Expo 2008. This is Apple's largest gathering of Macintosh fans in the world and at the same time their biggest annual event that introduces new or improved versions on their hardware and software products being delivered by CEO Steve Jobs at a keynote or special media event. The conference takes place at The Moscone Center which is located at the heart of San Francisco's downtown district.

We'll start with the ever popular iPhone papercraft which I first saw posted on Gizmodo a few months before it's official launch and was a big "hit" for scammers on eBay. Nothing much was said on the pattern but Gizmodo did mention that the person who made it was named Matt J. Although it was a good papercraft and has been dugg more than a thousand times, I find the Sneakmove iPhone papercraft much better design wise and it's not watermarked.

Next is a group of paper models from designer Mitsuaki Ohashi at and contains the bulk of this post. First is a set of iMac papercraft ranging from the original 1998 Bondi Blue iMac G3 up to the 2002 iMac G4, then there is the iBook papercraft set which includes the original clamshell iBook G3 and the 2001 second generation iBook G3 Dual USB, third is the PowerMac papercraft set - includes the Power Macintosh G3, PowerMac G4 Cube, and the PowerMac G5, lastly, a single PowerBook G4 papercraft.

That's it for now, we'll just regularly update this post if any other new Mac stuff comes up, download it for free at the links below.


The cutest Macintosh papercraft ever from, and this iPhone papercraft that comes complete with its own box/packaging from Sonicscape Jun.

Download Links:

Gizmodo iPhone - [Download Page]
Sneakmove iPhone - [Download Page]
Kamigei Mac overload - [Download Page]
Neoteny Cute Macintosh - [Download Page]
Sonicscape Jun iPhone Complete - [Download Page]