Friday, November 30, 2007

Bulldozer Box Papercraft

They were first used to plough fields and then used as armoured tanks in WWI, today, they are used to dig canals, raise tons of earth, move large boulders, carry chunks of coal and everything else related to earthmoving. The lowly bulldozer is can be found on very major construction site throughout the world, and one of the most popular and recognizable brand is the Caterpillar (mustard color). Here's a bulldozer papercraft model from paperboxworld, free download is available at the link below.

Bulldozer - [Download Page]

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Silent Hill Papercraft

The Silent Hill video game series is one of Konami's great hits to date, stretching back all the way to 1999 when the first one came out and another sequel on the way next year. One of the most notable part of the game is the fog-shrouded environments, you know what I'm talking about, the claustrophobic interiors in pitch black setting that limits your visibility to about an 8 foot radius around the character. So here's a new tribute from tubbypaws (remember her?), a Silent Hill papercraft that depicts the foggy layer scene. Don't forget the other famous Silent Hill paper model that we've posted in the past, Chamoo's Pyramid Head papercraft.

Silent Hill 2 - [Download Page]

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Last Batch

Today we're getting the final 6 angels left from the Webdude's Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion papercraft series. All together, there were 17 Evangelion paper models released. These last batch includes Leliel (Angel of Night), Bardiel (EVA-03 Production Model), Zeruel (Angel of Might), Arael (Angel of Birds), Armisael (Angel of the Womb), and Tabris (The Last Messenger) - they are from the 12th to the 17th respectively. Free download is available here or at the link below. Many have requested for a re-upload of the previous Evangelion papercrafts that have been posted before that are not available for download anymore, I haven't asked permission from the Webdude so your request would be better served if you guys could direct it to him, thanks. there's no need for it, the Webdude has just made it all available for free download.

Evangelion - [Download Page]

Princess Mononoke Papercraft - Kodama

It's Thanksgiving Day/Turkey Day here in the US, I couldn't find any good papercraft models for it so we'll just have to settle for this Princess Mononoke papercraft. It's not the actual princess (San) but of the Kodama - they're the spirits living in the forest. This cute Kodama is from a modified version of the nifty rabbit papercraft and edited by kewl british artist *kickass-peanut (Hannah?). Check out her deviantART page for more details.

Kodama - [Download]

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Ireul & Sahaquiel

Today's update on the Evangelion Angels papercraft models features Sahaquiel (the 10th Angel)and Ireul (the 11th Angel). Ireul aka. Angel of Terror - is notably the smallest of the Angels, represented as a cone shaped dot, this will probably be the easiest to assemble on this series.

"Ireul is a nano-scale entity, similar to a virus. In addition to its AT field, it demonstrates an ability to adapt to almost anything. Rather than moving in the conventional sense, the Angel seems to simply spread by rapidly reproducing at the cellular level." - wikipedia

Then, we've got Sahaquiel aka. Angel of Sky, the largest of the Angels. At first glance he looks like something that you see out of a petri dish or probably one of those glow-in-the-dark deep sea creatures, but those, it is not.

"Sahaquiel is a massive and bizarrely-shaped creature. It has an elongated body, with three eye-like markings (one in the center and one on either end of the body), and three stem-like growths projecting radially at both ends. Sahaquiel's AT field is comparatively powerful, able to shield the Angel from several dozen N² bombs. It also seems to have an ability to jam satellite communications. The Angel's most devastating weapon is itself: utilizing both kinetic energy and its AT field, it drops pieces of itself onto Earth as bombs. Its core appears as the pupil of the central eye." - wikipedia

Free download is available at the link below.

Ireul & Sahaquiel - [Download Page]

Monday, November 19, 2007

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Matariel

Haven't even absored Sandalphon yet, here comes Matariel (the 9th Angel).

Matariel, has the appearance of a massive opilionid-like (think of daddy longlegs) creature with numerous eyes. The central eye on the underbelly secretes a strong solvent which can easily melt through both concrete and steel. The Angel attempts to burn a tunnel directly into the Geofront using the solvent. The Angel appears to possess no armament beyond this solvent, and its AT-Field never physically manifests, though the battle plan against it made mention of using Unit 02 to nullify its AT field before it would be fired upon. Matariel's core is not revealed. Matariel is named for the Angel of Rain. -wikipedia

Matariel - [Download Page]

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Sandalphon

Sandalphon, the 8th Angel on the Webdude's Evangelion papercraft has been released. Free download is available at the link below. I've included a video above showing what exactly this weird Angel is all about.

It appears to have no abilities beyond its extraordinary resistance to heat and pressure, up to the point of being able to open its mouth in magma. Its own AT field was never strong enough to physically manifest. Its core was never depicted. Sandalphon was discovered in an embryonic state deep inside the Mount Asama volcano. NERV was determined to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to strike first against an Angel. Asuka, in Unit 02, was sent to capture the Angel using a special electromagnetic cage. The Eva’s normal B-type equipment was not designed for extreme environments, so Unit 02 was equipped with the D-type Equipment, specifically designed for extreme conditions like magma. During the operation the Angel awoke, rapidly developed into its adult form, and attacked Unit 02, damaging it and causing it to lose its progressive knife. Sandalphon was defeated by Asuka using the D-type equipment's coolant (inspired by an earlier conversation with Shinji regarding thermal expansion) and Unit 01's progressive knife. - wikipedia

Sandalphon - [Download Page]

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts- Gaghiel & Israfel

It looks like we don't have to go all the way through 12-31 to get a hold of all the Webdude's Angels, with the rate were going, we'll surely finish way ahead of schedule. Today we've got two new models released, first is Gaghiel (the 6th Angel) and then we have Israfel (the 7th Angel).

Gaghiel, is an aquatic being with a massive body and long jaws filled with sharp teeth. It also has a small "face" similar to Sachiel's on its forehead, and its core is located in its mouth. It is extremely strong, and can use parts of its body to easily slice up combat warships. - Wikipedia

Israfel, has the appearance of a massive, vaguely humanoid creature, similar to Sachiel. Israfel has a face/mask, reminiscent of Sachiel’s, which resembles a yin-yang symbol. Israfel has a pair of razor sharp claws and a weak energy beam. It's AT field appears to be relatively weak. It has two cores located in its chest. - Wikipedia

Free download at the link below.

Gaghiel (6th) / Israfel (7th) - [Download Page]

Warhawk Papercraft - Chernovan Nemesis

There's a new update on the official Warhawk site, you might remember this post that I made about a couple months back on the first release of the Eucadian Warhawk papercraft model, that one was the ultra-realistic version and now they've released two new models. The first one is an alternate and easier version of the Eucadian Warhawk (realistic), and the other is a Chernovan Nemesis. Free download is available at the link below. Have fun!

Warhawk Papercrafts - [Download Page]

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Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Adam

Adam, the First Angel is now available for free download at the Webdude's site. All of the other Angels descended from Adam, they possess the "Fruit of Life," the source of the Angels' power and immortality (also known as the S² Engine). As you can clearly see, Adam's body was used as the basis for the Evangelions. Also, Adam is named after the first human created by God in the Book of Genesis.

Adam - [Download Page]

Friday, November 16, 2007

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Ramiel

The Webdude has now made Ramiel a.k.a the 5th Angel / the Angel of Thunder available on his site. If you haven't been keeping up lately or are new to the site, it's from the Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series. Ramiel, is a weird translucent Angel, holding the shape of an octahedron (polyhedron with 8 faces). I mentioned weird because it doesn't look like your typical mecha or robot with the flashy armor and weapons. It's just a plain jane octahedron with a drill bit coming out of its apex and particle beams for it's defense and offense. Download it free at the link below.

Ramiel - [Download Page]

Paperboxworld - Update

It was Halloween since we last posted about their cute paper craft models, have a look at this new designs from Paperboxworld, check out the Formula P racer, a cat, and an excavator on the cars, animals, and machines section of their site respectively. As always, it's a free download.

Paperboxworld - [Download Page]

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jet Alone Papercraft

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! it's raining paper crafts today. The Webdude has just left a note about a "hidden model" on his Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion page - it's the Jet Alone paper craft model.

"Jet Alone is a nuclear-powered, unmanned robot created by an independent corporation for the Japanese government with the intention of supplanting the Evangelion units. Unlike the Evas, Jet Alone has an on-board nuclear reactor, so it can function without external power indefinitely. However, its control systems were tampered with by agents of NERV and the unit's first public demonstration nearly ended in a nuclear disaster. The project remained unsuccessful after the incident." - wikipedia

Note: To download this model, look for the moving eyes!

Jet Alone - [Download Page] [If you can't find it click here]

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Shamshel

Update: Shamshel, the 4th Angel on Webdude's Neon Genesis Evangelion paper crafts is now available for free download.

Shamshel - [Download Page]

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Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Sachiel

An early Christmas gift from the Webdude, he's releasing his epic work on The Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion paper models. They will start rolling out on November 11 up to December 23 of this year. Much like Chokipeta's commissioned work on the Giant Robo series of paper crafts, these will come out one-by-one, so you've got to check back often on the Webdude's site or keep your eyes here for updates. As always, all of these great paper craft models are free for download. On the other side, tis' the season of giving, if you plan on helping out the paper craft designers/modelers in general now would be a good time for it. If you can, donate to the Webdude's paper craft fund to help keep the factory flowing smoothly and make sure the R&D is in tip-top shape.

In the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series, Angels are beings which attack Tokyo-3 over the course of the story. The first paper model to show up is Sachiel (the 3rd Angel) which was also the first to attack Tokyo-3. The patterns are in PDO format (what is PDO?) so you would have to have the Pepakura Viewer installed for you to see it. It's available for free download on the Pepakura site.

Sachiel (3rd Angel) - [Download Page]
Pepakura Viewer - [Download Page]

Monday, November 12, 2007

Shrimp Papercraft - Ajinomoto

Monosodium glutamate or more popularly known as MSG is a sodium salt of glutamic acid, one of the most common amino acids found in nature. As glutamate, it is present in virtually all foods. You might recognize it by these other names that it goes by: Ajinomoto or Vetsin (Asia and Australia) or Ac'cent (America). When added to food, it's perceived to enhance the natural flavours present, however MSG can't improve bad tasting food or make up for your mom's bad cooking. Simply put, it's a food additive marketed as a flavor enhancer.

Ajinomoto (味の素) is one of the most popular brands of MSG seasoning, it's also the namesake of the Japanese company that makes it. It was first marketed in Japan back in 1909 and was discovered and patented by Kikunae Ikeda. Since then, Ajinomoto (company) has become one of the largest producers/suppliers of MSG, currently producing 33% of the world's supply.

Today, we're going to visit the Ajinomoto Japan web site for some simple and fun paper models. On the site you'll find a shrimp paper craft model (complete with stand and background), and paper hat patterns for a globefish and shrimp. For educators/teachers, this is a very easy and fun paper crafting project that you can get your students to work on. Free download is available at the link below. Have Fun!

Note: To get to the goods, hit on the Enter button to take you to the classroom, on the bottom-right side of the chalkboard click on the scissors icon. The paper craft patterns are in PDF format. The site requires Adobe's Flash Player, if you don't have it installed you can it get for free at Adobe's web site. If you don't want to visit the Ajinomoto web site, click on the alternative link - I've put all the files for free download via Mediafire.

Shrimp - [Download Page] [Download via Mediafire]

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rabbit Papercraft - Mesousa (Pani Poni Dash!)

This sadly looking rabbit is named Mesousa - he has a serious case of depression (Prozac anyone?) and comes from the Japanese series Pani Poni Dash! (ぱにぽにだっしゅ!), which focuses on parodies, satires, and comedy with regards to both Japanese and American pop-culture (internet, anime, gaming). The story centers around "Becky", an 11 year-old child prodigy / mathematics teacher and the antics of her class. Mesousa is Becky's companion and is there primarily as a sacrificial victim to the series' slapstick comedy. The series started out as a manga and later on as anime, it was published by Square Enix and created by Hekiru Hikawa. Free download for this simple paper model is available below.

Mesousa Papercraft [via mediafire]
Photo Page

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sword of the Phoenix Paper Model

A Ninjatoes update, from the Uncanny X-Men comic, issue #479, here is the Sword of the Phoenix paper craft model. I don't know anything much about it, except for the fact that it's a cool sword and it's a Ninjatoes creation, that's good enough for me. If you know anything about it just put it on the comments section or send me an email and I'll credit you for it. Download it for free at Ninjatoes web site.

Sword of the Phoenix Papercraft [ninjatoes]

Friday the 13th Papercraft - Jason Voorhees

I know Halloween is done and over and I wish I could have posted it last week, it's better late than never I guess. One of the most notable film characters in the horror genre is Jason Voorhees, he's the one with the hockey mask, wielding a machete/knife and the one doing all the gory killing. He's in line with other famous horror characters in popular culture such as Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elmstreet), Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and Michael Myers (Halloween). Some other facts about him that you might have not known: MTV gave him a Lifetime Achievement Award back in '92 and his trademark white mask was molded from a 1950's Detroit Red Wings hockey mask. Our friend Octavio from Assembled Paper Models has created this Jason Vorhees paper model / Friday the 13th papercraft complete with blood splatter. Free download is available at his site, check it out.

Jason Vorhees - [Download Page]

Friday, November 2, 2007

Sushi Papercraft Anyone?

I love food, heck, everybody loves food! One in particular that's been constantly gaining popularity to a wider audience of food lovers worldwide is sushi, yes, that rolled-up or flattened rice thingy with you-don't-know-what toppings in the middle of it, that's sushi. Japan's most tasty contribution to the culinary world is fast becoming a staple in some major continents. There are many types and varieties of sushi, ranging from simple (salmon/shrimp) to exotic (fugu/shark) and to the absurd (raw deer/chicken). But in order to get the real thing you might want to find a "GOOD" sushi bar or Japanese restaurant instead of picking one up in your local grocery or supermarket. If you've got the dough, I encourage you to visit Nobu, it's worth every penny. Today's post features free sushi paper crafts that also includes a beer cut-out paper model and a turntable paper automata. Free download for these cool and cute crafts are available at the Paper Model Maniax web site. This is the same site were we got the Moichi paper model that we used on the Beginner's video post, feel free to check out their other section comprised of teddy bear paper crafts. Enjoy!

Sushi Papercraft [Geocities]