Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tin Toy Robot Papercraft - RITAILER

Tin Toy Robot Papercraft Super duper Tin Toy robotrobot papercraft designed by TOKI - the wheels fold ^^.

Tin Toy Robot Papercraft [Download]

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Tutu the Mouse Papercraft - Jikanbou

Tutu Mouse Papercraft A fifth member of Jikanbou's mascots has been added, Tutu (or is it ChuChu?) the MouseMouse is now ready for downloading.

Jikanbou - Tutu the Mouse Papercraft [Download]

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Charlie Kelly x Green Man Papercraft

Charlie Kelly Green Man Papercraft Charlie Kelly is a character that appears in the TV sitcom, It's Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Green Man is Charlie's enigmatic alter ego.

Charlie Kelly x Green Man Papercraft [Download]

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Citroen 2CV AZU Papercraft

Citroen 2CV AZU Papercraft This is the 2CV AZU 250, the business / utility version of Citroen'sCitroen 2CV car, it has a widened rear compartment with a maximum payload of 250kg.

Citroen 2CV AZU Papercraft [Download]

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Roland TR909 Drum Machine Papercraft

Roland TR-909 Drum Machine Papercraft Latest papercraft from Retrotech, the Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer - an analog and digital sample-based subtractive drum machinedrum machine from the 1980s.

Special thanks to the lovely Marfisa and Anna for the tip, links, and welcoming greets.

Roland TR-909 Drum Machine Papercraft [Download]

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Lil Goon Paper Toy - #1 & #2

Two new Lil Goon paper toyspaper toys are out, illustrator Matthew Laznicka answers the call for artists with his zombie character and TDDK creates a paper toy version of himself ^^.

Lil Goon Paper Toy #1 [Download]
Lil Goon Paper Toy #2

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cultural Papercraft - Ondel Ondel

Ondel Ondel Papercraft Ondel-ondel is a type of performance done by Jakarta's (IndonesiaIndonesia) native ethnic Betawi people during certain celebrations.

It uses two dressed-up / oversized hollow dolls (representing one male and one female) with real people inside, they dance and prance around while wearing the doll suit.

Ondel-Ondel Papercraft [Download]

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Crayon Shin-chan Papercraft - Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara

Crayon Shin-Chan Papercraft Papercraft tribute to the popular mangaka Yoshito Usui, a Cubee mod of Shinnosuke Nohara from the Crayon Shin-Chan mangamanga, designed by Fath Fauz of Printable Paper Art.

Yoshito Usui met an untimely death on September 11, 2009, he accidentally fell off a cliff while taking photos, he was 51 years old. RIP.

Crayon Shin-chan Papercraft - Shinnosuke Nohara [Download]

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Earth Papercraft - Sony Assurance

Earth Papercraft Earth papercraft designed by Shinzi Katoh for SonySony Assurance Japan (high-quality insurance service), the papercraft is a reflection of their slogan, "Feel the Difference".

To get the goods, follow the link below and click on the green button below the mother & child bear photo.

Earth Papercraft - Sony Assurance [Download]

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Super Mario Papercraft - Birdo 2

Birdo Papercraft Icthus7 remodels his Birdo papercraft resulting in a more rounder, detailed, and accurate figurefigure.

Super Mario - Birdo Papercraft 2 [Download]

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Coca-Cola HappyMe Paper Toys

Coca-Cola HappyMe Paper Toy Some promotional papercrafts from Coca-ColaCoca-Cola Brazil, part of their "HappyMe" campaign.

Their site is Flash-intensive, so those of you with slow connections, please be patient and wait a wee bit for the whole site to load.

Here's what you need to do to get the goods: Follow the link below (after the pics), when the site is completely loaded you'll see a moving mascot in the middle - that would be the paper toy, look in the top-right side corner of the page and click on the only button there

Coca-Cola HappyMe Paper Toy

it will then open up a small windowed page, in that page there will be three pics/options, click the one in the middle to get the template.

Coca-Cola HappyMe Paper Toy

There's only one paper toy but it has lots of variations (clothing/costume). Refresh the site, then rinse and repeat the steps i've just mentioned to get all of them.

Coca-Cola HappyMe Paper Toys [via Paper Forest]

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Noddertoys Papercraft - Kawaii for Truckers

Noddertoys Papercraft Do you remember the Kawaii for Truckers post? 3 cutesy critters that you fell in love with but it was a Japan-only thing ^^

Well, not anymore, 3EyedBear has it available for downloading on their site so get moving and follow the link below. It's called noddertoys btw.

Noddertoys Papercraft - Kawaii for Truckers [Download]

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Citroen 2CV Car Papercraft

Citroen 2CV Papercraft Agence Eureka has found another classic automobileautomobile, a Citroen 2CV papercraft released by Ingenia (mag) back in 1954, yes it's true, old papercraft is old ^^.

Citroen 2CV Car Papercraft [Download]

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High Speed Train Papercrafts 2

Lots more high-speed trainstrains, featuring Japan's Shinkansen and a bunch of others, papercrafts by Vayashi.

High Speed Train Papercrafts 2 [Download]

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

NaniBird Paper Toy - Roar

NaniBird Roar Paper Toy NaniBird throws out a scary Roar!, custom paper toypaper toy designed by DMC.

NaniBird Roar Paper Toy [Download]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Torterra

Torterra (aka Dodaitos) is a grass and ground type PokemonPokemon that is the pre-evolved form of the Grotle, it resembles a giant green tortoise but with spikes and a tree on its back.

Pokemon - Torterra Papercraft [Download]

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Zelda Papercraft - ReDead 2

ReDead Papercraft 2 Halloween related stuff, the Legend of Zelda's nasty undeadundead creatures, ReDead papercraft #2 by Gollum999.

Legend of Zelda - ReDead Papercraft 2 [Download]

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Austin-Healey Sprite Car Papercraft

Austin-Healey Sprite Papercraft One of the most visible car papercrafts from Ichiyama's site has now been released, the Austin-Healey Sprite sports carsports car by the British Motor Corporation.

If you've been following Ichiyama's works you've probably seen this model many times, it's a 1/30th scale Austin-Healey Sprite papercraft and it comes with 7 colors for you to choose from.

Austin-Healey Sprite Car Papercraft [Download]

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Sky Crawlers Papercraft - Rostock F2B Sanka MK.B Aircraft

Rostock F2b Sanak MK.B Papercraft The Sky CrawlersThe Sky Crawlers is a light novel/anime film with tons of elaborate aerial dogfights performed by teenage fighter pilots called Kildren, they never age and so remain teenagers their entire lives.

Sky Crawlers - Sanka MK.B Papercraft [Download]

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Relax Bear Papercraft - Halloween 2009 Pumpkin Costumes

Relax Bear Halloween 2009 Last year Relax Bear (Rilakkuma) and his friends dressed up as witches for Halloween, this year, they go gourdy with their Pumpkinhead costumescostumes ^^

Relax Bear Papercraft - Halloween 2009 [Download]

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Moomba Doll

Moomba Doll Papercraft Moomba Doll papercraft based on Final Fantasy XFinal Fantasy X, it's one of several dolls that Lulu uses in her attacks.

Final Fantasy - Moomba Doll Papercraft [Download]

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Burger King NASCAR Papercraft

Burger King NASCAR Papercraft NASCARNASCAR papercraft featuring the #14 Chevy Impalla SS driven by Tony Stewart and sponsored by Burger King Corp.

To get the goods, follow the link below, click on "Get the goods", and then click on "Paper Models".

Burger King NASCAR Papercraft [Download]

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Pepasaur Paper Toys - Morris

New series from PaperBoxWorld featuring cartoony dinosdinos, there's five of them (maybe even more) and they're called Pepasaurs.

First dino papercraft is Morris - looks like we've found Domokun's long lost ancestor ^^

Pepasaur Paper Toys - Morris [Download]

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Beetle Buggy & Toy Calendar Papercraft

A second batch of Kirin papercraftspapercrafts for today ^^, beetle buggy that looks like one of those Time Bokanmachines and a toy calendar for the kids.

Beetle Buggy Papercraft [Download]
Toy Calendar Papercraft [Download]

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