Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tetris Papercraft

Tetris (Тетрис) is considered by many as one of the greatest videogames of all time, since it's inception in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov (Russian computer engineer) it has gone through a lot of variations and has been available in many video game consoles, PC's, PDAs, portable media players, mobile phones, and even graphing calculators. Another interesting fact about Tetris is that it became very popular and highly successful when it was released through the Nintendo Game Boy handheld system as a pack-in title. So, to give homage to one of the great video games ever created, here's a Tetris papercraft from Japanese designer Hiyochico, who's also designed the Catbus papercraft that has been previously posted here. Enjoy!

Tetris Papercraft [Hiyochico]

Friday, July 27, 2007

Designer Papercraft - Series I

Here's a collection of nouveau papercraft artist from various parts of the world showcasing their works of art, some are whimsical, some are nostalgic, others are cute, and others are just pure 8-bit fun! Please check them out and keep supporting papercrafters everywhere.

Marshall Alexander

3*Eyed BearBryan Rollins

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lara Croft Papercraft

Every gamers favorite British heroine, Lara Croft, from the Tomb Raider video game series is now in papercraft form thanks to Ninjatoes. This is a great model to add to your collection, great form and even greater curves. You can also check out the other fantastic papercraft models like the Zelda, Advance Wars, and Star Trek series on his homepage.

Lara Croft Papercraft

Samurai Cow Papercraft

Here's a unique looking papercraft, it's a cow character suited up in the a traditional Japanese armor and helmet riding on top of a giant fish. I couldn't understand what my translator was saying, it's got something to do with a Japanese celebration for the month of May? In any case, I can tell you that this is from the Mansei Co., Ltd. based in Kanda, Tokyo. The company went through a lot of phases to get to where it is now, it started as an electronics store, then became a restaurant selling high-grade meats, and currently as a luxury dining establishment - specializing in beef and beef related dishes.

They've got some other cute papercrafts, dioramas, and origami models on their site that you should check out, of course, all of them have the familiar cow theme to them. On their homepage, click on the "mansei club" icon to see the goods.

Samurai Cow [Download]

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Toro Papercraft

I'm a bit late on this one, but Toro (井上トロ) aka. Sony Cat, Sony Computer Entertainment's cute and lovable fictional character celebrated it's birthday last May 6. And with that celebration they've put up an official papercraft model for it, there's a lot of other good versions floating around the net, but this one is probably the best one to date.

For those in the dark, you've probably seen Toro at some point in your life but you might have thought it was a Hello Kitty knock-off. It's an anthropomorphic white cat with an over-size head, triangular ears, rectangular body, and a variety of facial expressions. It first came to life way back in 1999 as a video game character in the game Doko Demo Issyo ("Together Everywhere") for the PocketStation, if you missed that one because it was ages ago, another version of the game was released for the PSP back in 2004. You can browse around their web site (Japanese) for some fun flash games, wallpapers, and some other good stuff related to Toro or you can check out the links below to go straight to the Toro papercraft model. Have fun kids.

Toro Papercraft [Dokodemoissyo]
Toro Papercraft [via Mediafire]

Friday, July 13, 2007

Xbox 360 Papercraft + HD-DVD

So, with E3 winding down today, I've ended up with a deluge of downloaded game demos, trailers (in HD), and some themes - I've pretty much downloaded everything in the marketplace that's E3 '07 related, my XB360 is nearing full capacity. I've started to test out some of the demos so I could start deleting them afterwards, one game in particular that I've been playing over and over was Blue Dragon (ブルードラゴン), designed by Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi. After about four hours of repeatedly playing the demo, my XB360 croaked, and gave me the very infamous RROD. Luckily Microsoft recently extended the warranty on it by 3 years, so I'll be missing it for a few days.

In relation to my sad story, here's an Xbox 360 papercraft from Sonicscape / Pimpinthe36o/Paperartgadgets blog, I did the base model only but you can check out their site for more creative designs, also included is the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player. Have fun.

Xbox 360 Papercraft [Pimpinthe360]
Xbox 360 HD-DVD Papercraft [via Box.net]

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Famicom Papercraft

The Famicom, also known as the Nintendo Family Computer, was one of the earlier consoles that reminds me of my childhood spending long hours with my dad and my brother playing Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Twin Bee, 1942, Lode Runner, Contra, and many more. It's still fresh in my memory, the days when we fight over who gets the first controller, (sigh), those were the days. Ok, enough of my reminiscing, here's a Famicom papercraft model from dfnt.net, quite simple to build, it's boxy so it's pretty straight forward. Cut, score, fold, and glue then wait for that induced feeling of nostalgia.

Famicom Papercraft [dfnt]

Friday, July 6, 2007

Lassie Papercraft

Considered by many as probably the "World Most Famous Dog", Lassie has put the Collie to the top of the popularity chart for years and has associated their breed with quality traits such as loyalty, courage, intelligence, and also being protective and kid/family friendly. The Lassie character came to life way back in 1938 from a short story by Eric Knight titled "Lassie Come Home". The book was an overnight sensation and paved way for a movie of the same name which first featured Lassie's mug for the first time on film (1943). You can learn a lot more of Lassie's history by going to their official site.

This Lassie papercraft model is a very easy one, simple cutting, a few glue tabs here and there and your done. If you've been wanting to do papercrafts but got intimated by some of the more intricate or detailed models you've seen around the net, this is a good model to start with that you can actually finish within a few minutes or so.

Lassie [Download]

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Davinci Code Papercraft Cryptex

Are you a fan of Dan Brown? you know, the guy that wrote the bestselling novel "Angels and Demons" and more recently the very controversial "The Davinci Code"? Are you interested in cryptography, keys, codes? Today we have the papercraft model (replica) of Dan Browns' "cryptex", which was mentioned in his book and also used in the blockbuster movie of the same name starring Tom Hanks.

"The word cryptex is a neologism coined by the author Dan Brown for his 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code, denoting a portable vault used to hide secret messages. It is a combination of the words cryptology and codex; "an apt title for this device" since it uses "the science of cryptology to protect information written on the contained scroll or codex" – although actually a "codex" is a term for early forms of what would now be called a "book", as opposed to a rolled "scroll". It is claimed in the novel that the original design came from the secret diaries of Leonardo da Vinci. In reality, there is no record of him having designed such a device". - wikipedia

This should keep you busy for the week, have a safe and fun 4th of July.

Update: Some naughty people have edited the version that we've shown before but now we've confirmed that this papercraft model was designed by Deutsch papercrafter Skubu and he has presented us with a better quality version, in other words, the original pattern. Dankt Skubu!

Davinci Code Papercraft Cryptex [via mediafire]