Monday, March 28, 2011

C-Myk Paper Toy & Colours' Attack Contest

CMYK Paper Toy is conducting a customization/design contest with a main goal of contributing to the financing of UNESCO's Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts programme.

Shin Tanaka has provided the paper toy ("C-Myk") that you'll be using for this contest. Follow the link below to download the template, once you've personalized/customized your C-Myk paper toy make sure to take a photo of it against a white background and the image size cropped to 370 x 370 pixels.
Japan CMYK Paper Toy
Sample design "Crying for Japan"
If your C-Myk is selected it will be flying off to London where, from 30th June to 4th July, it will take part in the New Blood 2011 international design exhibition, organised by D&AD*. During this unique event, your C-Myk will be displayed alongside other C-Myks created by famous artists and designers, including Shin Tanaka himself.

C-Myk Paper Toy + Colour's Attack Contest [Download/Join]

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